iSkelter Comfy Lite Ergonomic Padded Workspace Review

Ergonomic Padded Workspace is a fancy way of saying lap desk but merely calling it a lap desk is a vast understatement. iSkelter has come a long way from the Slate LapDesk. The Slate stood out because it was unlike anything most have ever seen, it is a multi-device workstation that let you have an office at home without sacrificing your dining room. Fast forward a few years with more “workspace” options now to choose from, does iSkelter still impress?

Design: First Impression

Aesthetically I found it impressive. The premium natural light bamboo wood is beautiful, and the addition of genuine leather wrist pad makes it gorgeous. Opposite the wristpad is the dock, which runs as long as the pads do making it big enough to fit your phone, pens, pencils and most tablets so having a second screen is an option. The dual mousepads make it lefty friendly. In the center of the dock, there’s a decently sized grove you can fit several cords through so you can add cord management to the list of features. Remarkable craftsmanship and features aside could I use this daily for work?

Comfy Lite Bamboo and Walnut Gif

When I was in the market for a lap desk, I trolled Amazon looking for something portable, preferably travel-friendly. Surprisingly The Slate seemed perfect, and the description stated the dock would fit my iPad Pro 9.7″, so I ordered it. Pricing was perfect at $49.99, other options wanted double the price for a breakfast tray. It was love at first sight until my iPad didn’t fit. The iSkelter founder sent a thoughtful email following up on my purchase. When I told him about the misinformation on the listing, he immediately offered to replace it no extra charge. He sent over a list with several different options; I went with the Comfy Lite which slightly more at $79.99. Although bigger, heavier and wasn’t fitting in my carryon the dual mousepads sold me, and I’m glad they did.

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Love It or Chuck It?

The Comfy Lite is surprisingly comfortable and goes all over the house with me. Sometimes I want to lay across the couch, the floor, my bed and other times I actually listen to my mother and sit straight up and use my actual lap. I find that no matter where I use it I can comfortably use it for hours. There is no cooling fan, but my laptop didn’t even get uncomfortably hot after extended periods of use. The bamboo material absorbs some of the heat. I was reluctant to put too much on top of it at once, but I’ve had my laptop, mouse, phone, pens, notebook and even wireless charger on at once and it didn’t weigh it down at all. The convenience of having everything in front of me regardless of what room I want to be in has spoiled me. I use the Comfy Lite more than I sit at my full-sized work desk. So it’s definitely a keeper.

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It’s especially perfect on days getting out of bed seems impossible and the middle of the night I can work and not wake anyone. When I’m done, I can leave everything still set up and sit it aside then seamlessly pick up where I left off. Using this has significantly increased my productivity. Getting the Comfy Lite was a happy accident. I would have never purchased this on my own. I’m glad they stand behind their products the way they do, it makes the company equally as impressive.