Phiaton Curve BT 120 NC Review

Phiaton Curve BT 120 NC
The Phiaton Curve BT 120 are noise canceling while staying lightweight. Check out the review to see how thee Curve headphones fared.

For a while now I have been using my apple AirPods, which I received as a Christmas gift, for the gym… That is until I got my hands on the Phiaton Curve. These are a great choice for the gym and people who find that the air pods don’t quite fit in your ears. 

There have been plenty of times where I was at the gym and noticed that as I was running, the AirPods were dangerously slipping off my ear, so of course, I go to put them back in more and lo and behold, I pause the music. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I’ve always had a struggle with the earbuds that don’t plug into my ear. So finding the perfect running headphones/earbuds were a bit of a task. 

Phiaton Curve BT 120 NC -

What’s in the Box?

  • The ear buds
  • 3 different ear plug/tip sizes
  • 2  sizes for ear wings
  • 1 wire clip
  • Usb charging cable

Running Away From My Problems

The design of the ear buds are great. The neckband lays perfectly around my neck without weighing me down, in fact it’s so light and comfortable I forgot I was even wearing them. The neckband also includes the portion where you can activate noise cancelling, volume control, bluetooth connectivity, and charge port. The one problem with this is that I have a log of hair, so that using the controls on the neckband is kind of hard since my hair gets in the way and I have to tug it to really see what buttons I’m clicking. However, despite this once I got the hang of it, I didn’t have to pull/tug just to control the music.

One of the most important things for any blue tooth headset would be of course, battery life. True to the box, 5 minutes of charge did provide me an hour of battery life. I also loved the little announcements regarding battery life when I turned it on, it kept me conscious of when I would need to charge the headphones. Since my usage at the gym was fairly light, I was able to have it fully charged one day a week and use it for the next 5 days before I went to charge it again. Having said that, I know that usage is different for each person, so I decided to use it for 5hrs at a time. After using it for 5hrs I was hit with the “battery life moderate”, which I think is amazing.

Phiaton Curve BT 120 NC - Ear tips

I did want to point out that since I was using these for the gym, I would say that I do get a bit sweaty. That being said, these bad boys still did not slip despite how intense my workouts got. No amount of running, jumping or anything had these falling down, which was great. It wasn’t until I physically pulled them out that they left my ear. Of course there are 3 sizes for the ear tips so you would have to select the right ones to fit perfectly.

My favorite part about these earbuds are it’s ability to noise cancel. A pet peeve of mine at the gym is when people are clanking weights or just overall being very loud, especially at a 5am gym time. As soon as I hit the “NC” button, it drowns out the busy noises of the gym. Plus the ear tips really help to cancel out the noise while still fitting comfortably in my ear. Truly a game changer, noise cancelling ear buds for the gym, who knew? 

The consensus is…

Overall I would say these ear buds were amazing for the gym. Although the box says the noise cancelling is only 95%, I felt that they did the job perfectly. I’m not sure what that 5% of noise might’ve been, but I certainly did not hear it. They were comfortable and I was able to wear it for 2 hours of my workout without even feeling it. There were times I used it outside of the gym and it was perfectly comfortable and perfectly quiet. I definitely loved the use of these for the gym. If you’re looking for a more discreet pair they do have ear buds without the neckbands on their website so definitely check it out, however they are not noise cancelling.

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