Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro Review

The feature packed Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro earbuds dont dissapoint!

There’s a surge of truly wireless earbuds in 2019. We went from having a handful of choices to a large pool of earbuds to choose from. Anker came back with their Soundcore brand’s lineup of truly wireless earbuds. Today, I am checking out the Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro, the most expensive truly wireless earbuds from Soundcore’s line.

Design and Build
The case for the Liberty 2 Pro earbuds looks similar to other true wireless earbuds cases. It’s a small round case. The cover slides up and down to cover the earbuds. The back of the case has the USB-c charging port and the bluetooth pairing button.

The outside of the earbuds are oval-shaped and have ear wings on the top that allow you to lock the earbuds into place. The Liberty 2 Pro don’t have stems or tips that hang outside of the ear. The top of the earbud has a button (each earbud has one).

Experience and Features

Once you take the earbuds out of the case, they start looking to pair. I learned that you should always pair the right earbud first when it comes to these earbuds. For some reason, if you start with the left earbud, they won’t pair together. When taken out of the case, you get a little jingle, then the battery status (“battery high)”. When the earbuds connect to the device it chimes. Pairing is really easy with both Android phones and the iPhone 11 Pro.

The sound is so impressive. These earbuds are loud! The 11mm drivers do a good job of giving full sound without drowning out bass or getting a flat tune. While they don’t have noise cancellation, they do a very good job of noise isolation. I picked the right size ear tips and wings to make sure the earbuds fit snuggly and comfortably in my ear. There are a lot of ear tips and wings to choose from. It seems there can be a fit for almost everyone, with the right combination.

The Soundcore app allows you to customize everything. You can customize the sound to your liking, and even do a hearing test to get your “HearID”. There are some preset equalizer settings, not a full on equalizer to customizer. You can also change what the buttons control (volume, smart assistant, playback). The app UI is pretty clean and easy to navigate. I heard a slight difference in music when changing the presets. It’s not a major change though. I mostly used the app to change the controls (you have to do it again with each new device). The app is also good for updates, which just came up a few days ago to fix bugs. OTA updates are a major plus!

I tend to not do phonecalls on earbuds, but for testing, these did just okay. The other party I called would sometimes hear too much background noise, overshadowing my voice. Even with four microphones, New York got too noisy for phone calls. However, I did use it a few times indoors to take calls. I like that you can use the earbuds singularly.

Battery Life and Connectivity

One of my favorite things about the Liberty 2 Pro earbuds is the carrying case. It’s not the most compact case out there, but you can charge it wirelessly. I usually charge them up during the day and they usually last two or three days without a problem. The earbuds will shut off if they’re not paired to a device which helps me a lot because I almost always forget to shut the earbuds off.
As for connectivity, I rarely had issues. No cut-outs, or quick-dying battery. There were a couple of times where they didn’t pair right away after taking them out of the case. But


At the price of $150, the Liberty 2 Pro earbuds bring solid performance, features, and reliability. They’re available only in the grayish color shown. I’d recommend these to anyone who enjoys true-wireless earbuds for lifestyle use. You can learn more at