Verizon Offers Free Hulu and Disney Plus

Verizon understands cord-cutters. They first offered Mix and Match service where you can pick which services you want, even if it’s internet service only. Now they’ve added even more perks to sweeten the deal and to entice customers to switch over. The free year of (ad-supported) Hulu subscription perk is for two higher-priced plans

Depending on the Internet plan selected, new customers that sign up through September 23, 2020, can pick from the following offerings:

  • Fios 200Mbps internet service with Disney+ for 12 months
  • Fios 400Mbps internet service with Hulu for 6 months and Disney+ for 12 months
  • Fios Gigabit connection with Hulu and Disney+ both on us for 12 months and a free Stream TV

Verizon Stream TV is a streaming box that runs Android, allowing you to access your streaming services easily. It has ethernet, HDMI ports, and built-in Chromecast for seamless streaming.

Learn more about Verizon’s deals here: Verizon Mix and Match Bundles