Liberty Air 2 Pro Earbuds Review

I am a fan of Soundcore products. We’ve reviewed a few of their products on the site and love the quality you get at an affordable price. I’ve been checking out the Liberty Air 2 Pro truly wireless noise-canceling earbuds from Soundcore (Anker).

The earbuds charge in a small little case that slides up to reveal the earbuds. They are the buds with stems that I find easier to fit than bean-shaped buds. There are nine ear tips to choose from which is pretty great. The Liberty Air 2 Pro come with the medium ear tips installed but you can change them from the smallest ear-tips at xxxs to the largest at XXL. Hopefully, with all those choices you can find the right fit with a tight seal. The sliding case is very portable and charges USB-C. The case is pretty in the crystal pink color you see here. It’s also available in Titanium White, Onyx Black, and Sapphire Blue. I love the light pink hue of the Crystal Pink color.

Sound and Experience

I recently went on a trip (by plane) and sometimes I’m lazy to switch to my over-the-ear headphones. I wore the Liberty Air 2 for a little over an hour on the flight. As for the comfort, I have no complaints. I spent time fitting the earbuds and it helped with the scenario. The Liberty Air 2 Pro earbuds don’t have wingtips as some other headphones do. The earbuds had a nice snug fit and didn’t fall out during the flight.

Noise-canceling always sacrifices sound quality and sometimes that’s a risk I am willing to take that loss to block out noise. Since I am not taking the subway (in New York) as often as I used to, I don’t need to have noise-canceling at max levels. I use them at home with Indoor noise-canceling mode. It helps block out the street noise that makes it into my apartment without it being too much.

Soundcore App

After fitting the headphones with the correct size earbud, I downloaded the Soundcore app to get the most out of my experience. With the app, you can set the touch controls and the equalizer settings. You can even do a hearing test to get a personalized sound profile also known as HearID in the app. As for the controls, you can change the double-tap and long hold settings for the usual things, such as track controls, volume, voice assistant, and enabling and disabling noise cancellation. There are a few modes of noise cancellation, Indoor, Outdoor, and Transport. You can customize the level of noise cancellation in the custom option.

Battery use is of course subjective to use. For the most part, I expect I will be charging or will have the chance to charge when needed, so I use all the features. I like blasting the volume and using noise-canceling whenever possible. I got about three hours of battery life with noise canceling on and the volume at eighty percent. That’s fine for me since you can charge the case via USB-C or wirelessly!! USB-C everything and I am okay with that. While I try hard not to charge my phones wirelessly to prevent damage to the battery life, I don’t mind charging headphones wirelessly.

For $130 or sometimes even $100, the Liberty Air 2 Pro earbuds are a great buy! They are in a price range where you don’t want to spend too much but still expect decent sound and battery life. The Liberty Air 2 Pro exceed expectations in that department with decent sound quality and affordable ANC features. While to me they aren’t the greatest looking earbuds, the features override the looks. Definitely recommend!

Soundcore LIberty Air 2 Pro


Design / Build




Battery Life





  • Great price point
  • Small portable charging case
  • ANC options
  • Many sizing options
  • Can charge wirelessly


  • Can't wear for too long