Capturing Those First years, Now Easier

Gadgets are not just to entertain, but we’re hoping they’re created to solve some issue. As a parent, God parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle, you know how hard it is to get the memorable shots of the little ones in the first five years, now matter of good your camera is.

Samsung, creator of the dual screen point-in-shoot cameras (known as 2View), has just made that a bit easier with the Samsung ST700. The problem we face; trying to snap children since they never look in the direction of the camera. The solution; 2View model ST700 with children pack.

Samsung’s 2View is a dual display camera feature. 2View cameras, have a display on the rear like all snapping devices, but also have a small display on the front as well. Originally designed to to help people take better self-portraits. The newest feature with the ST700, is the children pack add-on. Thus, making solution achieved.

The ST700 comes loaded with eight different animations so we can make it sure that the children don’t get bored a second time you try this feature on them. Best yet, if the little ones run out of interest in the eight animations over a period of time, the camera allows you to record 30 second clips or slide shows to replace the original ones.

The main display :3.0″ wide 230K full touch LCD and the front display : 1.8″(4.6cm) 116K TFT LCD. The ST700, is an auto focus, 16 mega pixel with multi AF, center AF, face detection AF, smart touch AF, smart face recognition AF, one touch shooting features and image stabilization. Compact and light weight model, great for stick in pockets or purse for travel.

Also depending on SD card used, the camera can shoot up to 10 hours of video in standard or high quality (720p HD). With both video and photo there are added editing effects right on the camera also.

Overall, from what I’ve seen this is not just for people taking photos of kids but for anyone. I really like the front facing screen so when I want to be in the photo quickly. Worth the price and an overall, good value.

You can find the Samsung online from 200.00 to 280.00 dollars depending on where you shop and if it’s a kit or not.