Tech Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything

Someone on your list have everything? These are some unique tech gifts for that person who seems to have everything.

Nreal Air AR Glasses

These augmented-reality glasses bring your world to another immersive level. They are great for work or play. You can use them with the latest gaming consoles for an insane HD display. Or use them with the latest MacBooks to create a multi-window workstation. This is such a great tech gift.

Meta Quest 2 – Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual reality can also be used for both play and fitness. Download workout apps to get a quick workout in from home or get online and play with your friends.

Xbox Series X

For the gamer who hasn’t had time to pick up the next-gen console, the Xbox Series or Series S allows you to play thousands of titles.

Playstation 5

One of the hardest next-gen consoles to get, even two years after its release, if you gift someone a PS5, we are sure they’d greatly appreciate it. The console is not that loud, and the games look amazing.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Game Pass lets you play new releases monthly with friends via console, PC, or cloud gaming. It gets updated monthly, so there are always different games to play.

Mophie powerstation pro XL

Whether they’re always on their phone or laptop, the powerstation pro XL can charge either one with its 100W USB C output.