Samsara x T-Mobile Un-Carrier Suitcase Review – Sturdy and Bright

The carry-on un-carrier suitcase collab between T-Mobile and Samsara luggage isn't just a gimmick. It's bright, durable, and tracked.

A smart suitcase collab with a phone carrier company wasn’t something I was expecting. So when I heard the announcement of the T-Mobile x Samsara Uncarrier suitcase Carry-on I was a little surprised, but I can’t say it’s too far-fetched when you think about it.


If you browse Samsara’s site, you’ll see the same design as the Un-carrier On suitcase. As the name states, it’s meant to be a carry-on bag size at 23 inches tall, 15 inches wide, and 9.8 inches deep. It’s with T-Mobile branding, so it’s a very bright Magenta color with black accents. When standing up on its four wheels, the top of the suitcase is flat. T-Mobile says it’s supposed to help in making this a mobile workstation. Place your laptop on it and work comfortably on the go. The suitcase doesn’t have a zipper, just two large combination locks on the side. The opposite side has three hinges. The inside is lined, with one side having a zipper. Inside the backside of the suitcase, there is a slot for the Apple AirTag.

Since it’s a collaboration between T-Mobile and Samsara, you get the luggage expertise from Samsara but with the tech spin of T-Mobile. The design is pretty nice. The color may be a bit bright for some, but Samsara has a similar suitcase in yellow. Everything is branded with T-Mobile branding, from the obvious magenta color, to the logo on the lining, and even on the wheels.

AirTag Tracking

While most people drop some sort of tracker into their suitcase, By the handle on the top of the carry-on, you have a slot that not only holds a 10,000 mAh battery but a slot for you to drop your phone and charge it wirelessly. The battery pack has a USB-C charging port, display, and power button.


Not much to expect from a suitcase. What I do require from a suitcase is very simple. Just two things; a sturdy telescopic handle to push, pull, and drag around, and smooth wheels that turn 360 degrees so I can push the suitcase next to me instead of pulling it behind me. I do love how smoothly it glides. The wheels turn without a hitch and without extra force. That’s always nice. Very surprising how smooth the wheels are because they just don’t look it.

Packing cubes are life, and I was glad to see the T-Mobile x Samsara eight-piece packing set was part of the package. Mostly grey with pink accents; I used most of the bags but didn’t need the garment bag though. But it’s nice to have, as most packing cube sets in that price range don’t come with one.

Samsara is no rookie in the suitcase game, and it shows in the build of the un-carrier suitcase. I had to check my bag, and I feared for the worst to happen when it was being handled by baggage claim. Thanks to that textured exterior, It came out scuff free even after being thrown down the conveyor belt.

If you travel by plane, you know it’s very important that battery packs are removable. I want to go out on a limb and say that mostly all luggage manufacturers are making sure of that to avoid going against FAA regulations. This battery pack is huge but only holds 10,000 mAh, which is helpful for regulations in different countries. The wireless charging capabilities are pretty cool. I could charge my iPhone 14 Pro and my Google Pixel 7 Pro wirelessly. I didn’t use the flat top surface to work; I used it to carry my Keepall duffel bag as I maneuvered from the lounge to my gate.

T-Mobile does more than collaborate on suitcases. If you have their service, you get free in-flight WiFi, texting, and sometimes streaming. Depending on what plan you have, you can get discounts on travel bookings as well. Learn more at

Pricing and Availability

I am not sure how long this pink version will be on sale. It’s a little on the pricey side at $325, but it seems to line up well with Samsara’s price point for their “Grand Carry-on suitcases.”


I’ve seen many pink suitcases when traveling, so this un-carrier suitcase isn’t a stretch, especially if you love pink accessories. I am a fan of Samsara now and would consider them if I need to get more luggage in the future. I am impressed with the suitcase’s build quality, and smooth gliding wheels won me over.

T-Mobile Un-carrier On Suitcase (Samsara)

$325 USD





Wheels Smoothness



  • Build
  • Sturdy Telescopic Handle
  • Dedicated AirTag Holder


  • Pricing
  • Bright color