Samsung 837 Flagship Store Reopens with Interactive Connected-Living SmartThings Experience

Samsung 837 is reopening in late February to showcase its immersive connected living space experience with Samsung SmartThings. @SamsungUS #Samsung837

Samsung 837, Samsung’s flagship and experience store in New York City, opened back in 2016. Since then, they have hosted numerous events and had interactive experiences where you check out Samsung products, mostly their mobile devices, in “real-life settings.” They are reopening on Wednesday, February 22nd, with a new layout, where you can experience connected living, aka smart home life. They are showing off their Smart home setup powered by SmartThings, and so many of the possible scenarios connected living are helpful and fun. SmartThings works will many smart devices, not just Samsung brand, and it was pretty cool to see the automation in action.

Samsung 837 Smart Home with SmartThings

We had a chance to check out the new space, designed like a smart home. With different rooms, such as a backyard, kitchen, living room, workout room, and gaming room set up; Samsung showed how their products work seamlessly to make the home smart and automated, and therefore the consumer’s life easier. An immersive smart home experience!

Several Samsung products from the Family Hub refrigerator and television were part of the smart home experience, like showing the doorbell camera when someone showed up. It wouldn’t just show up on the phone, but on your TV in the living room.

Smarthome Examples

A smart home can be convenient; some examples we saw was a living room setup getting ready for movie night or to watch a game. The automation turns on the television, dims the smart hue lights to the perfect setting, and gets the audio ready. If someone is at the door while you’re watching, it will pop up on the TV. When working out, you can use your Samsung Galaxy phone as a camera to connect to the fitness program you’re using, and your workout and health results will be tracked on your Galaxy Watch. Meaning you wouldn’t need special or different equipment to get your fitness training going.

We also saw the Samsung Odyssey Neo Ark 55-inch monitor in the connected gaming room. It can be used in landscape mode for an immersive gaming experience or in portrait aka cockpit mode to keep you focused when working. But you can also game in a simple way. We got to see how the newer Samsung TVs (2021 and forward), have a gaming app on them that allows you to access gaming streaming services such as Xbox Cloud, NVIDIA GeForce, Amazon Luna, and more. All you need is a gaming app membership, internet access, and a control. We also saw bedroom routines to start and end the day, like turning on the air purifier, lowering the smart window blinds, and turning on meditation music.

Samsung 837 will also have their latest smartphones on display. On Friday, February 17, they are officially launching the Galaxy S23 smartphone lineup, which includes the Galaxy S23, S23+, and the powerful S23 Ultra. As expected with Samsung phones, the display is amazing and the cameras are great. The Galaxy S23 Ultra has a 200 mp camera that is just fun to experience.

There will also be a Samsung Care Bar, where you can bring your Samsung phones for troubleshooting, testing, and service. If you see something you like, you can buy it now at Samsung 837. For most things, at least, you can order larger things like washers, dryers, and fridges to be shipped.

Samsung 837 Reopening Flyer 
February 22, 2023

All the interactive experiences were pretty fun to check out. On Wednesday, February 22nd, they will have guests Esther Choi, Chris Cho, and Carlos Harris Jr. at the store to celebrate the reopening.