*Dear Santa* My techie wish list

It’s that time of year again and like a child I’m eagerly awaiting to see what Santa brings on Christmas morning. Here’s my grown up Christmas gadget wish.

#1: Tablet
There’s actually a tablet war going on in my head currently. I just can’t decide which I want: go iOS or go Android. So number 1 on my list is a tie.

Apple iPad 2, White 64gb Wifi model> Released in March 2012, the iPad 2 is still the most sold tablet model on the market (as is the iPad). Running Apple’s iOS, it’s a very portable device that’s well suited for checking your e-mail, surfing the Web (as long as it’s not a Flash site), playing games, reading books and other stuff you get off the Internet, and even for getting work done. Likes: easy to use, light weight, easy to live blog from, Apple App Store, iTunes, lots of companies making accessories for it. I already have a box filled with unopened iPad 2 accessories. Dislikes: no Flash, no expandable memory, no USB ports and downfall is knowing iPad 3 is probably coming soon. Price: $699

Asus Transformer Prime, Not actually released to the market (but available on pre-order) until January 11, 2012. I’m impressed so far with the 64gb Champagne model with the dock keyboard (sold separate). Runs Android Honeycomb 3.2, NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor, has dual cameras (1.2mp front & 8mp back), 1gb memory, weighs only 1.3lbs, easy to use and great for professionals on the go. Likes: Android, Flash able, expandable memory via SD card and USB ports. Dislikes: no cool Apple App store apps, not a lot of accessories on market, sharp edges. Price: $599

#2: Gaming System
The Microsoft – Xbox 360 Console Limited Edition Kinect Star Wars Bundle (being the Star Wars geek that I am). There hasn’t been a release date for this item yet but pre-orders are available. The xBox 360 and Kinect, is great entertainment for boring winter evenings that you can enjoy with your family or friends, you do not have to get out to have fun and great time. I’ve played a few games for Kinect and oh, what a joy! The gameplay is really easy there are commands prompts that would tell you how to move to play, it is easy to set up and to interact with it. I most enjoy the gaming systems that have you up and moving. I already have a Wii, so this seems a prefect addition. Likes: 320GB hard drive, the largest hard drive available on Xbox 360, custom R2-D2-themed Xbox 360 Console and feel like your favorite robotic companion is in the room as you enjoy classic R2-D2 sounds, custom C-3PO-themed Xbox 360 wireless controller, Xbox LIVE. Dislike: None Price: $449

#3: Desktop Computer
Apple, iMac 27 inch 3.1ghz. Configuration selected: 3.1ghz, 4gb memory, 2TB Serial ATA Drive, AMD Radeon HD 6970M 2GB GDDR5, AppleCare Protection Plan for iMac. Apple makes great computers in my opinion. I’ve had Apple desktops tops since the 80s. Likes: Easy to use, great software, awesome for video and photographs as well as using as a TV (can connect to your cable). Dislikes: price Price: for this configuration; $2,418