Review on “Apps For Moms”

For most moms, finding applications that truly suits your lifestyle can be rather daunting right? Ok, Not really. It just takes a little more time to find what your looking for especially if your using the search engine of the Apple store on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. But, no worries they actually “have an app for that” and it’s called the App Network by Itai Alter. Within this network, they have apps for moms, girls, boys and execs. As a tech mom blogger I’m doing my review based on the “Apps for Moms”.

At first glance, it seems like it would be a very useful application. What I needed to know was as a mom does it really have applications that would be beneficial for my everyday needs. What I have found is that there are different sections in the mom network. They have a featured App area, Categories, Spotlight and Discover.

In the Featured Apps it wouldn’t open up for me. So I don’t know if it’s just my IPod Touch or if that particular section just isn’t working. I would have loved to see what types of features were highlighted in that section.

Next, I took a look into the Categories section. Whatever application your looking for, your likely to find it in one of the set categories. These categories consist of Entertainment and Games, Essential Utilities, Light Reading, Social Networking, Photography, Higher Education, Productivity, and Style and Beauty. The applications in the categories are chosen from the Apple store and while some are free, you will also find yourself paying for some of the apps. Now I’m a frugal mom and like to cut cost so I would have liked to mostly find free apps. But, that’s not what this is about. It is moreover what moms would most likely use in our everyday lifestyle.

Following categories is Spotlight. In the spotlight, they had the Dinner Spinner Pro app listed. So if your a mom that loves experimenting with food and enjoy different recipes, this Spotlight feature would be useful to you for $2.99.

Lastly, is the Discover link. In this area you can recommend apps to be placed in the Moms network, visit the company website and like them on Facebook.

In my personal opinion, the idea of having an application on your device specifically geared toward moms is not bad at all. What I like about the application is that they have some useful apps I could download such as iAllowance LT, Mom Maps, and Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List, located in the Essential Utilities Category and other apps such as The Beauty tips from, Sephora to go and Catwalk, fashion show for the fashionista moms located in Style and Beauty. Now those are applications I would actually use. There is something for everyone in each category. And, again you can always recommend apps in their discover section.

Now, with every positive come a negative. And since I do think the app is cool; I will say I wouldn’t want my iPod cluttered. It would be excellent if they would have an area within the app that you can load your apps all in one section so I wouldn’t have to scroll through my iPod Touch to find the applications. Otherwise they would be mixed in with the the rest of my apps that are not mom savvy. And also, Moms love to socialize too. And I have noticed that in the Social Networking Category, the only app that appeared in that section was Status Shuffle for Facebook with a price of $.99. Now really?! Is that all they were able to come up with? Hopefully this is just the beginning stages and Itair Alter starts to get more buzz about their apps and it grows. I see potential but, needs more time and suggestions.