SOL REPUBLIC Teams Up With Tokidoki To Release Headphones

tokidoki TKDK Sol Republic Tracks HD
If you're a fan of the unique SOL REPUBLIC design, you have to see how what happens when tokidoki and SOL REPUBLIC collab on headphone design. Gotta check out design!

If you’re on the quest for customizable gadgets, you’ve most likely heard of Sol Republic headphones. These headphones bring you a great blend of quality and customization. You can change the SoundTrack headband, cord or speakers to match your mood or outfit.

SOL Republic Logo Headphones I have a pair of Sol Republic Tracks headphones, with a couple of headbands. It’s a great gadget accessory. They are lightweight and virtually indestructible. The sound is great. I find myself really getting into the music. SOL REPUBLIC also offers a 1,000 Day headband guarantee.

SOL REPUBLIC and tokidoki come together for design innovation

SOL REPUBLIC has partnered with different manufacturers to offer limited edition headbands. They have now come together with tokidoki to create two new SOL REPUBLIC Tracks HD headphones. Simone Legno, the artist behind the tokidoki, started the brand in 2005. Simone’s inspiration comes from his favorite bands.

Citing music as the as a major influence on his life and artwork, Simone says that todoki and SOL REPUBLIC share a mutual dedication for product and design innovation. Continuing on the new headphones she says, “These headphones not only have amazing sound but are a way to take your tokidoki art everywhere.

Here’s what Sol Republic’s co-founder and CEO Kevin Lee said of Simone and his art: “I instantly became a fan of Simone’s work on a chance visit to his store in New York. It was Japanese-inspired with an edge, surprisingly from an Italian artist that spoke to the young and young at heart. This special genre that Simone has created is one-of-a-kind and is inspired by music, just like all SOL REPUBLIC headphones, which makes this a very special collaboration for us.

So what do the tokidoki and TKDK Tracks HD headphones look like?

tokidoki Tracks HD

tokidoki Sol Republic Tracks HDThe inside of the SoundTrack headband is pink and the cable is white. The speakers are black and have the SOL REPUBLIC logo in lavender. The outside of the headband have the vibrant and unique tokidoki characters.

TKDK Tracks HD

TKDK Sol Republic Tracks HD 1The TKDK Tracks HD are a bit more subtle. They tokidoki illustrations have a grey and white color tone. The cable is black and it has the same black speakers with the Sol Republic Logo.

The headphones retail at $149.99 and you can purchase them at SOL REPUBLIC or at
Right now they are offering free shipping.

What’s In The Package?

V10 HD Sound Engines with SonicSoft™ Speaker Pads
– Interchangeable Cable with Mic + Music Control
– Interchangeable and Virtually Indestructible Headband
– Slim-Fit Carrying Case – See more at: