Sprint 4G LTE Arrives In 9 New Areas

I am a Sprint customer in New York. Do you know what that means? It means that I am anxiously awaiting 4G LTE service to hit the big city. Sprint did say that customers who are in cities where 4G LTE service is being worked on will experience it even before the official launch. I am happy to report that I have been getting 4G LTE service in some places. Mostly in the Bronx and by Rockefeller Center.

Today Sprint has extended their 4G LTE service to nine new areas. It hasn’t officially hit New York yet, but I feel that we’re getting closer! Sprint now offers 4G LTE service in 67 markets.

Here’s the official release from Sprint Community

“With today’s announcement, Sprint is enabling even more customers to sample the power of 4G LTE on their smartphones, tablets and wireless hotspots.”
Bob Azzi, senior vice president-Network, Sprint

Sprint customers in 67 markets now are experiencing faster speeds for uploading photos, surfing the Web and streaming videos.

We are launching 4G LTE in nine new areas as part of our efforts to bring a better wireless experience to more customers every day as we build out an all-new 3G and 4G LTE network.

“The network team continues to build and test the new network across the country, including areas like San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York,” said Bob Azzi, senior vice president-Network, Sprint. “Customers report they are already finding a 4G LTE signal in these places, and we look forward to providing even more reliable access to the data they need with our official launches.”

Sprint 4G LTE is launching in:
Altoona, Pa.
Asheville, N.C.
Columbus, Ind.
Elkhart/Goshen, Ind.
Hammond, La.
La Crosse, Wis.
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Statesville, N.C. and
Temple, Texas.

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Customers in 4G LTE service areas will be able to use their smartphones – such as Samsung Galaxy S® III, Samsung Galaxy Note® II or LG Optimus G™ – to share a picture of their favorite band performing at a local arena or to check the Web for basketball scores with greater speed.

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How long are you willing to wait for 4G LTE service from Sprint? If you have experienced 4G LTE service from Sprint, is it reliable? Much faster?