Sennheiser Momentum Back to Black Headphones Review

The Sennheiser Momentum promise great sound. Check out our review to see what we thought.

Earlier this year we celebrated music month here on Tech We Like, and lo and behold as the headphones were coming in my trusty laptop crashed twice…. needless to say I have ALOT of catching up to do.

The awesome people over at Sennheiser sent me over a pair of their Momentum headphones now available in Black – let me just start off by saying these headphones are gorgeous. The leather is luxurious and tough yet breathable with soft and supple ear pads. The metal ear cup slider and red cord is a nice accent that just sets off the look even more. I know looks aren’t everything especially with a $350 pair headphones – so what makes them worth premium coin?

In a word – Everything! When you start getting up the price ladder into the world of premium headphones there is a certain level of expectation with the basics such as usability, sound quality and comfort-ability. The Sennheiser Momentum’s score a 10 in all categories. The music is crisp and clean across all genres and the transition between music and call quality is seamless and superb.


Momentum Design

The closed circumaural design encompasses the ears to isolate against ambient noise. The downside of circumaural headphones is that usually because they completely surround the ear they tend to be a bit on the heavy side. The Momentum’s are freakishly light. They have a “light and airy” type feel to them making them extremely comfortable even after extended use. On a few occasions I fell asleep listening to them. Unlike other headphones I’ve tried you can rest the cans around your neck and turn the volume up and still hear your music just as clear as if you were listening to the radio. I found that I actually liked that feature especially when I was busy around the house and wanted to be able to hear the doorbell when it rang or when the rest of my house didn’t want to join in the party when I was blasting my blue tooth speakers.


Cables and App

The Momentum’s ship with both a regular 3.5 mm audio cable and a cable with beautiful silver detailed in line mic and control panel that is iOS device compatible. Both cables twist and lock into place so the cord doesn’t accidentally slip out of the headphones. At the end of the in line mic cord is a stainless steel hinge that can bend 90 degrees for those that prefer L shaped cords for their devices. The downside for some might be that the inline mic and control panel is iOS device specific. The carrying case is a tad on the larger side so it won’t fit in a small to medium size purse, but is perfect for travel if you plan on packing these in your luggage.


Where can you get them?

You can find the Sennheiser Momentum headphones on Amazon for $299.95 or the Sennheiser site for $299.99. If you are looking for both a sound and visual masterpiece and you have the means to get a pair of these please do – you will not be disappointed.