Glimmer – HTC One Mini Case by Case Mate

With all the cute iPhone cases I have been seeing all over the place, it only left me to wonder if I would have such luck for my HTC One Mini. Luckily as a result, Case-Mate has sent us the Glimmer case to review.

glimmer silver


This cute glitter case snaps onto your phone without a hassle. The hard plastic shell has a little flexibility making it impact resistant. Having a case that allows you to have easy access to your ports is important. And, I must say, I’m happy I’m able to have an ease of access to all my ports without having to adjust the Case-Mate Glimmer case.


All that’s glitters may not be gold, but it’s definitely a lot of shimmer with the Glimmer HTC One Mini Case by Casemate. The case is cute enough to dazzle up your phone for that fun night out with the girls. The slim design of this case along with the sparkly inlay is what makes the Glimmer case so stylish and chic. I like that the plain plastic outlining the case does not distract from your phone. In fact, it allows you to still show off the style of your HTC One Mini. Case-Mate Glimmer for HTC One Mini presently come in two colors silver and hot pink!


When I first opened the packaging for the Case-Mate Glimmer case I couldn’t help but admire how glitzy it was. The one I presently use for my phone is the pink color. I would have to say after your hands have touched the case the sparkle dulls out slightly. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s still enough spark to jazz up your phone. Although there is no rubberized grip, the phone has not slipped out of my hand once. Maybe that is due to its slim design but, I’m happy my phone feels secure in the grip of my hand. I really love the Case-Mate Glimmer case for HTC One Mini and would recommend it.

The Case-Mate Glimmer Case available for a price tag of $35.00 on the their website. You can purchase it in either silver or pink

Purchase the Case-Mate Glimmer Case for the HTC One Mini HERE