Why Slotomania Is Enjoyed by Millions Worldwide

slot1 Slotomania, a series of online simulated gambling slot machines, is one of the hottest collection of games of chance available today. Millions of people all over the world are playing these games on their Androids, Smartphones, and on Facebook. Even a brief examination of the features of Slotomania makes it easy to see why.

The game graphics are top notch with striking, clever, and colorful animation. These features coupled with the astounding cyber sound set Slotomania apart from the pack. With over 55 action-packed games, Slotomania holds the attention of players of all levels with its wide variety. Because the company introduces great new games regularly, there is never a dull moment. The addition of special promotions also helps to keep things interesting. The free spins, gifts, bonus rounds, and other extras are frequent and enhance the enjoyment.

User Friendly
When players download Slotomania, one fun game, Farm Friends, is unlocked. There are lots of ways to unlock more games and the developers of Slotomania have prioritized ease of use. Players start with 500 virtual coins, place their bets, and then spin. Players can decide how many lines to bet on (up to 9 at the beginning), as well as how much to bet. The spinning symbols look very much like a real slot machine that you would find in a land based casino. The game calculates the winnings and adds them to the player’s total. Players can also share coins and spins with friends, thereby increasing the fun and connecting with others.

Back to Vegas!
slot2 The sleek look and feel of Slotomania is the best of Las Vegas all the way. Players who have played in the big casinos feel like they are back at the Vegas slots. In fact, the fun and glitz of Vegas can be everywhere when played on an Android: anytime, anywhere. Instant accessibility means instant gratification!

Players can purchase more coins using a debit card, credit card, or gift card, such as the Google Play card. Purchase amounts for the coins start at $1.99 and go up to $99.99. Special offers with discounts pop up on the screen from time to time and must be used within the stated time limit of a few minutes. Purchasing more coins is a three step process before the point of entering a card number. If players have Google Play credit they want to use for buying coins, they must enter their Google password and can then go on to make multiple purchases.

To sum it all up, online casino players, novice or experienced, who want both an exciting interface and the best video slots games will find that Slotomania delivers both to the max. Players find it easy to play and easy to win when they play Slotomania