Holiday Gift Guide -Wireless Bluetooth Speakers for 2014

Wireless Bluetooth Speakers - Holiday Gift Guide Analie Cruz

The gift of music is always good. Giving someone a way to listen to music is great. Check out some of our favorite wireless speakers for 2014

JBL Charge 2

Wireless Bluetooth Speakers for 2014 (Holiday Gift Guide) - JBL Charge 2 - Purple - Analie Cruz

The original JBL Charge was powerful. Its big brother is a powerhouse. With the JBL Charge 2, you won’t have to worry about losing power from your phone / device when streaming. With a 6000 mAh battery, the Charge 2 can play up to 12 hours of music and charge your device as well. When it comes down to business, use the built-in mic to conduct calls. But when it’s time to party, many can enjoy the fun of the Charge 2 wireless speaker. The Bluetooth Social Mode allows for up to three people to pair to the speaker and play his/her own music. It’s available in 5 colors: black, white, red, blue, or purple.

Price: $129.95

Libratone Diva Speaker Libratone Diva Speaker

This is more than a speaker of course. Libratone is known for their incredible sound. It works via your home’s wifi connection. or your regular bluetooth connection (it has aptx). Like their Libratone Zipp speaker, you can order different color wool covers for the Diva. It’s the shape of a sound bar, so you can place it under your television or mount it on the wall.

Braven 705 Speaker

Wireless Bluetooth Speakers for 2014 (Holiday Gift Guide) - Braven 705 - Analie Cruz

Another great speaker with compact size and blast of sound is the Braven 705 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. Available in bright colors, the Braven 705 has been rated IPX5, meaning that it’s water-resistant so it can be taken nearly anywhere. It’s small, lightweight and can last up to 12 hours. D It has a built-in powerbank as well to charge your devices when they’re running low after jamming out. If you want to get the party started just pair 2 speakers together. on’t miss calls either, since the 705 speaker has a built-in microphone. The Braven 705 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is available in 7 colors.

Price: $99.99



Sol Republic PUNK

SOL-REPUBLIC_Punk_-Family Wireless Bluetooth Speakers - Analie Cruz

Don’t judge this little speaker by it’s size. The Sol Republic PUNK is one of the smallest speakers on our list, but it’s definitely not small in sound. This small speaker doesn’t only play your favorite hits, it can take a few hits too. The Sol Republic Punk is water, shock, and dust resistant. Great little speaker for the small spaces in your life, or to pack for guaranteed music playback when traveling. The Sol Republic PUNK Wireless bluetooth speaker is available in 7 colors.

Price: $69.99



JBL Clip

Wireless Bluetooth Speakers for 2014 (Holiday Gift Guide) - JBL Clip - Red - Analie Cruz

Like taking your music on-the-go, but carrying a speaker is a bit difficult? Check out the JBL Clip wireless Bluetooth speaker. This speaker is made for traveling and hanging on to the good times. With a built-in clip to hang on to your pants, bike, or fence your music is there for the adventure.  We also love that it’s under $50. The JBL Clip is available in 5 colors.

Price: 44.95

You can also check out the JBL Micro II. While this speaker is not wireless, it’s definitely portable. This is a great speaker if you need that extra bass. You can daisy chain them if you need stereo sound. It’s also under $35 The JBL Micro II is available in 5 colors.

Price: $31.21



Ultimate Ears Mini Boom

Wireless Bluetooth Speakers for 2014 (Holiday Gift Guide) - Ultimate Ears UE Mini Boom - Analie Cruz

The little brother to the Ultimate Ears Boom, the UE Mini Boom Wireless Bluetooth speaker packs a punch for its small size. The simple design includes buttons on the speaker to easily control the music. With up to 10 hours of play, 50 foot range, and NFC connectivity, the UE Mini Boom is a great choice. The UE Mini Boom is available in 5 colors.

Price: $99.99




Beats Pill 2.0

Wireless Bluetooth Speakers for 2014 (Holiday Gift Guide) - Beats Pill 2.0 - Analie Cruz

If you want a speaker with a different shape, you might like the Beats Pill. The upgrade to the original Beats Pill is good. Same small size and big sound, but now with the Beats Pill 2.0 you can charge your device from the speaker. You can pair two Pills together to get stereo sound too. The Beats Pill 2.0 also has a built-in mic for taking calls. The Beats Pill 2.0 is available in 7 colors and sometimes in different limited edition collabo colors

Price: $199.99


Wireless Bluetooth Speakers - Holiday Gift Guide Analie Cruz