Connected Kids – How Parents Are Handling Children and Smartphones (Infographic)

Connected Kids
How "connected" do you want your kids to be? When is the right age to give a child a smartphone? Check out what the survey says!


Connected Kids Survey - Sprint

Now that school has started (or is starting soon), parents have the task of getting back to school supplies. This is not like a few years ago, where it was just notebooks and pens. In the connected world we live in at a certain age kids want to be connected as well; with their own device.

There are many things to consider when giving your kid a smartphone. How “connected” do you want your child to be? How do you feel about giving your kids smartphones? What age is appropriate? What types of rules do you set up. Check out this infographic from Sprint and Techlicious which has some interesting findings:

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·         Dads are more likely to give kids smartphones in elementary school while moms are more likely to give kids smartphones in middle school.

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·         12-14-year-olds top the list for smartphone first-time ownership. However, in cities, parents are more likely to give kids a smartphone at ages 9–11.

·         32% of parents set rules for how their kids use their smartphone.

·         Only 17% of parents have different rules for how kids use smartphones on weekdays compared to how they use them on weekends.

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·         City parents are more inclined to give kids smartphone rules and use monitoring apps than are suburbanites.

·         77% percent of kids know parents use parental monitoring apps.

·         Older parents are far less likely than younger ones to tell their kids they’re monitoring them.

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·         Parents who have Apple devices use parental monitoring more often than Android users do.

Where do you fall in this survey? Do you have a connected kid or a too connected kid?