Gadgets for Hard Core Gamers

GadgetForHardCoreGamePost Mobile gaming has come a long way over the last decade. Now, we can play high definition games without lags thanks to powerful smartphones featuring ample RAM and top draw graphics. However, the massive changes we enjoy today are rarely enough for the mobile experience to fully satisfy. There are many cases where you are left craving for more battery juice, better sound or better controls as a hard core mobile gamer. This piece takes a look at some of the best gadgets to address these challenges.

Logitech Powershell Gaming Controller

The company is popular for their keyboard and PC mouse accessories, but their mobile gaming controller is also a wonderful product. It ensures you no longer have to use touchscreen controls in games where physical controls perform better. Apart from enhancing the gaming experience, the controller also features an extended battery that can deliver as much as an extra 1500mAh of juice. This ensures you can enjoy your game for longer. The controller features Apple’s new Bluetooth protocol and can only be used on iPhone 5 onwards and on 5th generation iPods.

Are you on an Android device? The MOGA Pro Controller is a good alternative and it works with all smartphones running Android 2.3+ and above.

SkullCandy Hesh 2.0

Skullcandy is popular for the youth-focused headphones and top level audio quality. The Hesh 2.0 doesn’t disappoint in any way. It is an over-the-ear headphone that features high powered audio quality and it features a distinctively modern design.

Do you prefer earphones? You can go with the JBL Tempo In-the-ear J01R Headphone. This American Company is famous for their audio speakers and headsets. This gadget doesn’t disappoint in terms of sound quality. Whether you want to feel totally immersed during your car racing game or want to enjoy high quality sounds from your playlist while enjoying mobile bingo on , this is the earpiece for you.

The JBL Tempo J01R looks like other earphones on the surface, however, it features a thin rubber wire and a 3.5mm gold plated jack. This makes it light, durable and very attractive. The earphone is one of the best you can find if you are looking for the best treble and base levels balance. These are great options if you are moving from the Beats collection.

EViO EUP – 13000-M13000B 13000 mAh Power Bank

We all hate running out of juice and not being able to keep playing games; it’s really frustrating. A power bank like this can keep you going for longer. It is a must have for anyone that plays high cpu games that get a bit addictive. This power bank also features a flashlight, making it useful when playing at night. It takes a long time to charge completely so you are best served charging it overnight in readiness for the day. The one-year warranty is a nice touch from the manufacturers.

[Written by Cindy Hunt]