RankR eSports: A New Site Dedicated To eSport Players


During the eSports Summit last year, I was able to meet the guys behind RankR eSports. The company also offers any skill level to join, so whether you’re a beginner looking to excel, or on a more professional level looking for a team to join and compete with – RankR eSports can help you.

The company believes in working as a community, and will always look out for the player’s best interest. No need to worry about being on a certain platform – RankR eSports covers all platforms, and games.

Now, the company has started a campaign on Thunderclap looking for support, to see how you can help look at the link provided below. This is a great way to give back to a company that is going out of their way to support the eSport community.

Here are 4 major features the company will offer on launch:

Ranking – Using stats pulled from the publishers and our proprietary algorithm, we rank you on a global scale so you can see where you stand for your favorite games.

Team Builder – Most eSports are team-based. We make finding and creating teams more efficient than ever. Get matched using stats pulled from the publishers so you can find the best team easily.

Calendar – Find events to watch or play in from around the world. Our Calendar will have every major event so you can find something to watch at any time. We also allow users to post their own events so they can fill up their events and players can find events to play in.

Private Team Page – Our Private Team Page makes managing your team easier than ever. Schedule tryouts, practices, scrimmages or events on the private calendar. You can have everything you need to manage your team in one place so you can spend time where it counts, in-game.

For more information on RankR eSports, you can follow them on Twitter

RankR eSports Thunderclap Campaign