Microsoft Surface Studio Specs and Hands-on Impressions

Check out the specs and pricing of the new Microsoft Surface Studio and Surface Dial.

Yesterday was the big Microsoft Event. While some things leaked such as a keyboard and a new all-in-one (AIO) computer, many of us were not ready for the new Microsoft Surface Studio. It looked great in the livestream and even from afar. But once you get close to the Surface Studio, that’s when you can appreciate its true beauty. Clearly the Surface Studio isn’t your basic all-in-one computer. With a base price of $2,999 (going up as high as $4,100), it’s definitely marketed toward creative professionals (visual artists and writers) who would make the most out of this machine.


Microsoft Surface Studio Specs

Display:  28 inch PixelSense Display /4500 x 3000 resolution / 192 ppi / 3:2 aspect ratio
Cameras:  5 Megapixel Windows Hello front facing camera
Processor / RAM:  i5 |  i7 /  – 8GB | 16GB (2GB GPU) | 32GB RAM (4GB GPU)
Memory:  1TB / 2TB (Only with i7 / 32GB RAM model)
Connectivity : USB 3.0 (4 ports) / SD Card slot / mini Display Port / Xbox Wireless /3.5mm headphone jack
OS: Windows 10 Pro
Features: 10 point multi-touch / Includes Surface Pen / Works with Surface Dial / Zero Gravity Hinge

Hands-On With Microsoft Surface Studio


I had the chance to get some hands-on time with the Surface Studio. The screen (which in nearly bezeless by the way)  is captivating and I can see how one can clearly get immersed in work. I tried using it at various tilt angles and there was no shaking at the base of the Surface Studio. As many of you know I am a fan of the Surface Pen. Sometimes an accessory like a pen makes getting things done pretty easy. Microsoft introduced the Surface Dial. The Surface Dial works as an accessory to the Surface Studio. You can use it on the screen. Uses a magnet to stay on and haptic / click feedback for actions.

From my time using the Dial on the Studio I saw how it allowed you to change the paint color and strokes when using the Sketchable app. I’m sure it does more (with other programs such as Adobe Creative Suite) and will get more features in time. I also found out you can use the Surface Dial on the Surface Pro 3 and Pro 4 as an accessory, just not on the screen. Wondering if an update can change that in time.

You can preorder the Surface Studio and the Surface Dial online. There will be limited amounts of Surface Studio units, so decide quickly. I suggest going to a Microsoft store and checking out the surface Studio in person. Pictures and video don’t do the Studio justice. The price isn’t justifiable for everyone. But I’d love to see what creatives can do with it.

You can learn more about the Surface Studio, Surface Dial, and new Surface Book at

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