How Mobile Technology has Changed Online Gaming Experiences

Mobile technology has not only transformed the way we communicate but also how we shop, conduct business and socialise. Such are the capabilities of modern day smartphones and tablets they have also spawned the creation of countless new industries and sectors through a massive and thriving ecosystem of apps.

Whatever task you need to carry out, there’s an app for that and it currently doesn’t get bigger than online gaming. To this end mobile technology has transformed online gaming experiences beyond recognition, the factors behind this which we will explore below:

The Convenience and Freedom of Gaming on the Go
Online gaming grew from the opportunities provided by the emergence of consumer computers and the advent of the internet. Where you either had to have a TV gaming console or go to the arcade to play games, suddenly anyone could play their favourite video games anytime on their home PC.

This was a big enough change in itself, but then came the digital revolution and mobile technology. Mobiles have transformed online gaming experiences by improving on what the PC achieved through not only democratising the market, but by making them them portable too.

The convenience and freedom of gaming on the go coupled with the ubiquity of mobile technology means that the way we played, as well as who took part in games previously, was completely transformed.

Now every mobile owner is a potential gamer and you can fire up your smartphone or tablet at any time and begin enjoying your favourite titles. As a result, operators such Play Cosmo are also developing their platforms and content to be compatible with mobile browsers to ensure the best experience possible for their users.

The Rise of the Casual Gamer
Another major change brought about by mobile technology is how gaming was opened up to a wider audience. With arcades and to a certain extent, PC gaming, video games were pigeon holed as entertainment for certain age groups and not particularly important. But as technology has improved, gaming has gone mainstream through more powerful consoles that offer realistic graphics and smoother gameplay that have all helped to raise the industry’s profile.

In the same way, mobile technology is capable of providing great content and amazing graphics in much the same way but with the convenience and freedom of gaming on the go. Most people that use mobiles also play games on their devices, whether it’s to pass the time during a commute, or as a way to relax, mobile technology changed online gaming by cementing it in the public consciousness.

Easier Access to Social Gaming Communities
As mentioned above, gaming was seen as the pursuit of young people, usually boys, but with the rise of the social gamer and mobile capabilities came the unique aspect of social gaming communities. Social media has grown exponentially thanks in part due to the capabilities of smartphones and tablets that help us to stay in touch with friends, family, and colleagues. It also helps to connect people that share the same interests and passions to form communities around that topic allowing people of all ages to take part.

The same principle applies to gaming, whereby players interact and share their experiences with fellow fans, friends, and the wider online community.

There are a number of other ways in which mobile technology has transformed our online gaming experiences but the three above are some of the main ones. In conclusion, it’s thanks to the capabilities of modern day mobiles that has helped fuel this change while also creating new experiences as well.

[Written by External Partner]