Sonos One Speaker With Amazon Alexa Announced for $199

The Sonos One Speaker was announced today. It has Amazon's Alexa. Check out the features and pricing of the Sonos One.

The Sonos One speaker was announced today. At an event this morning, Sonos announced their new speaker, which has Amazon Alexa integrated. If you’re familiar with Sonos Play: 1 speaker, the Sonos One speaker will look familiar to you. They have the exact same build, but the One speaker has Alexa. Check out some of the features (from the press release):

Sonos One Speaker With Amazon Alexa- Black -

Sonos One Features 

  • Driven by two Class-D digital amplifiers, one tweeter, and one mid-woofer.
  • Includes a six-mic array and an adaptive noise suppression algorithm to focus on the right person and ensure the voice service understands everything clearly.
  • Voice capture technology with echo cancellation allows the speaker to still hear you over the music. The volume also intelligently lowers, or “ducks,” when you speak to it so you don’t have to shout over the music.
  • The light on the speaker will be illuminated if the microphones are active.  The light is hardwired to the same circuit that powers the microphone array, so if the light is off, it means the microphone is off.
  • Owners can use Trueplay to easily tune Sonos One to sound great no matter where it’s placed in the home.
  • Sonos One is available in all-white and all-black matte finishes.

Sonos App and Sonos Speaker

Along with the release of the Sonos One speaker, Sonos also announced an update to their app. With the new app update, the users will have a smoother experience that includes simpler navigation, and better control placement; making it easier to move music around the home. If you already own a Sonos speaker and are feeling left out, don’t. With an update coming soon, older Sonos models can work with an Amazon Alexa device (Echo Dot).


Sonos One -Pricing and Availability

Sonos One is priced at $199 USD and will be available globally on Oct. 24.  Pre-orders start today at

There’s more to look forward to with Sonos. They also announced that in 2018 they will have AirPlay, Google Assistant, and Siri support.

Sonos One Speaker With Amazon Alexa Group)

How important is it for you to have a smart assistant in your speaker? Is this a new “must-have” feature?


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