Mobile Gaming

In our busy lives we enjoy everything convenient, and that includes being able to source our favourite games whenever and wherever we choose so it’s no wonder that the number of people who use their mobiles to source their favourite games has overtaken those that use either their desktop or lappys.

What is interesting is that increasing numbers of us are also using our mobile devices to have a bet or wager on our favourite games. In fact, it was back in 2015 that one lucky individual bagged themselves 3.1 million playing on a classic slot game called Mega Fortune – when using their mobile.

That massive payout using a mobile phone started a trend that has continued, and now playing on at an online casino has never been faster or more convenient.

To be honest we now use our smartphones for just about anything we want, and being able to have a bet or wager at any time we wanted to would have been unfathomable just a few years ago, but that is exactly what mobile gaming is all about. You can now enjoy all of your favourite games at sites like Swag Bingo whilst you are in bed, on the train, in your lunch break or at the beach, or anywhere else as long as you have an internet connection.

Developers now have the technology to adapt players favourite games (including those made for the desktop) and transfer them over to the smaller screen, and all of the games come with the same brilliant graphics, audio and video clips and special features we so enjoy.

Actually, games like bingo have transferred over to the smaller screen really well and the mobile version of bingo has transformed how the whole game is perceived.

That stigma where bingo was only played by the elderly in cold and tatty bingo halls has been replaced with a game that not only allows you keep up with family and friends, and make new friends using the chat fracture, but the game is fully optimised for the smaller screen, including our smartphones.

It maybe that bingo is enjoying this revival because of the social side of the game, but we should also mention that the best bingo sites like Swag Bingo also offer a full range of casino and slots games which mean that bingo sites can often be the only online gaming site that you will visit.

Not only are there a full range of games to enjoy but those games are also offered in different variations like speed bingo, 3D slots, and roulette.

You never know, you could be the next lucky winner.

[Written By External Partner]