Burn Calories while Helping Out the Planet

Looking to get healthy but not contributing more to your carbon footprint?

People who want to lose weight or stay fit are always looking for new and innovative ways of burning calories. We have a plethora of products and services to help burn calories in the gym, house or outdoors. Now it turns out that you can even help the environment while you work out.

Sounds surprising?

That’s what exactly hundreds and thousands of people all around the world are doing right now. We even have equipments like treadmills and elliptical machines that help conserve natural resources and help the planet.

The Top Tips to Burn Calories In an Eco-Friendly Way
So let’s check out the new art of burning calories and saving the environment!

A new trend of losing calories is becoming popular around the globe day by day. Originating in Sweden, Plogging is a combination of old school jogging and “plocka upp”- the Swedish term for picking up.
The idea is instead of just plain old jogging, you stop at sight of garbage lying on the streets or in your route and pick it up to keep the earth clean.

It’s not just a passing fad- a fitness app called Lifesum provides exact statistics on calories burnt while plogging. It turns out that 30 minutes of plogging burns an average of 288 calories while you can burn 235 calories jogging normally.

Many joggers are also integrating different exercise while they bend and pick up litter to lose more calories. It also provides work out to your arms and shoulders as you bend and pick up the garbage. Many Facebook groups have also come up in support of the trend.

Eco-Friendly Workout Machines
Some sports and fitness equipment companies have also taken upon themselves to manufacture environment-friendly workout machines. For instance, the company called SportsArt has introduced treadmills, elliptical machines and bikes that come with an in-built inverter.

When a person works out, the energy is converted by the inverter into AC electric and supplied to the main power supply grid. 30 such machines working for 8 hours a day produces enough electricity to save around £15,000 in power and utility costs.

In the future, you may also be able to buy the machines for your home and set it up with your grid. Whether you are working out or kids having fun on the cycle, you end up generating electricity-saving your utility bills and conserving natural resources.

It really is a great time to stay fit and work out – there is just so much you can do to keep yourself engrossed while you are at it! You can also check the honest review on Lipozene for faster results.

Getting Rid of the Car
Many people especially millennials are choosing to ditch the car and travel by innovative ways to help the environment. Be it walking to the office or cycling to the grocery store; they are focusing on consuming less fossil fuel and bring down the level of pollution in urban areas.
It’s a noble method and can help you burn up to 200 calories just by walking for an hour!

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