Samsung and NASA Celebrate 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 with 4D Gear VR Experience

Samsung - A Moon For All Mankind NASA 4D Gear VR Experience
Samsung and NASA collaborated to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 with A Moon For All Mankind 4D Gear VR Experience.

50 years ago today, Neil Armstrong walked on the moon on Apollo 11. Now you can too, well sort of. Samsung has announced their latest VR experience, A Moon for All Mankind. This is not your typical phone and headset VR experience. Samsung in collaboration with NASA developed a 4D Lunar Gravity VR Experience that allows you to walk on the moon, A Moon For All Mankind. I actually got to try it a few days ago, and it’s pretty awesome. It takes place at the Samsung 837 Experience store in Manhattan, New York. The experience uses the Samsung Galaxy S9+ and a Gear VR headset powered by Oculus.


A Moon For All Mankind 4D Gear VR Experience - Harnesses and space suits. A Moon For All Mankind 4D Gear VR Experience - Entrance

“At the A Man For All Mankind experience at Samsung 837, consumers will experience a full space mission including a briefing and details about how astronauts move on the Moon. Then, they will step into a flight suit and harness, wearing a Gear VR headset, to experience the lunar mission in the gravity offload rig, feeling what it’s like to walk on the Moon. The market-leading Gear VR headset provides users an untethered, ultra-fast, smooth and immersive VR experience. By leveraging the power of Samsung Galaxy S9+ and the high quality of its Super AMOLED displays, the Gear VR headset uses dedicated sensors and a wide field of view to help consumers fully immerse themselves in the experience of walking on the Moon.”

Samsung - A Moon For All Mankind NASA 4D Gear VR Experience


It’s such a dope experience. You are really lifted up by a harness and you experience zero gravity. You get a breathtaking view of Earth and get to walk along craters. While you feel that you’re walking forward, for you to move, you need to jump straight up and down. Jumping up and down moves you forward in the VR Experience. It will take a bit of getting used to but it’s fun once you get it. The suiting up takes the most time. You have to put on the harness first and then put on your space suit. Samsung 837 employees are great in helping you suit up. I suggest wearing comfortable clothes and shoes. Once you get to the main set of the AMFAM experience, you’re clipped into the rig that will lift you up. You do a couple of poses (extend your arms to the side of you and to the front of you) to get measurements to help you feel at zero gravity. Check out some of the pictures below.

If you’d like to try out the AMFAM 4D VR Experience and to schedule a mission, you can go to


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