Powerbeats Pro True Wireless Earbuds Review

Almost every headphone company is coming out with truly wireless headphones. The Powerbeats Pro eare the first true-wireless earbuds from the Beats line. After a few weeks with them, here are my thoughts.

Design and Build

These definitely feel like Beats. The Powerbeats have a hook that goes around your ear, similar to the Beats X. Instead of earbuds that go into your ear, or hang off of your ear, the Powerbeats go across your ear into a hook. that goes behind your ear. Each earbud has a volume rocker and control button. The hook is flexible and can be slightly squeezed or pulled to go around your ear. The Powerbeats Pro earbuds are not one size fits all as they come with different ear tips.

In the package, you get different in-ear tips, a lightning cable, Beats logo sticker, and quick instruction manual.

The carrying case they come in a large carrying case. It’s expected since it houses the ear hooks comfortably. Like the AirPods, the Powerbeats case charges through a lightning port. No wireless charging capabilities here.

You can use the Powerbeats Pro with both Apple and Android devices. If you’re pairing to an Apple device (iPhone, iPad, MacBook), all you have to do is place the Powerbeats case nearby the device and it will come up on the screen. It will pair almost instantly. If you’re pairing with an Android device, you’ll have to go into the phone’s bluetooth settings and press the button in the earbuds case to put them into pairing mode. You have the option of listening to one or both earbuds, which is cool for office spaces.

Powerbeats Pro Experience and Features

I was looking forward to trying the Powerbeats because of the ear hook. An added security measure to keeping the earbuds in their place. After getting the correct ear tips and squeezing the hook behind my ear, the earbuds felt snug and secure. I don’t go to the gym enough to give a full-blown fitness review on them. But the few times I did wear these to the gym, they stayed on and didn’t short out with the sweat that did get on them. As a person who wears glasses and has long hair, I realized that I had to push my hair out of the way and put on the earbuds before putting on my glasses and letting my hair down for the earbuds to be secure and comfortable.

Powerbeats Pro earbuds - ear tips - volume rocker

I don’t usually use Siri, but turned Siri on, to test out the controls and microphone. For the most part, she heard and executed commands with no problem. In noisier places, she sometimes had trouble. Obviously, this won’t be an issue for me on the regular, but those who use Siri often will be satisfied with the response.

Sound and Connectivity

phone on the left. black fold Powerbeats Pro case (right)

When it comes to Beats products, I expect lots of bass to the point it overshadows everything else. For earbuds, these are exceptionally loud. Definitely didn’t expect them to get as loud as they did. It’s great for the random workout playlists I subscribe to. The bass level isn’t obnoxious and it helps. Even at a very high volume, there is no distortion. The Powerbeats do a great job of balancing bass with highs and mids. When watching vids, there was no lag between the video and the sound.

Battery Life

The case for these earbuds is large, and it helps with providing at least 24 hours of playtime between charges. I do wish Apple went the USB-C route for the charging case. It would make things a lot easier but since I’m carrying an iPhone anyway, it’s not too annoying. I use the earbuds 3-5 hours a day. When I used it for long periods of time, I would charge the case a couple of hours a day. If I didn’t use or charge them, the earbuds had a good amount of battery life left. Standby time on them is great! You can always see the battery status on the iPhone “Today View” widget screen.

black plastic headphones case
Lightning port – charging port

Pricing and Availability

As expected, the Powerbeats have Beats pricing. As some of the most expensive true wireless earbuds on the market, they have a price point of $249. They are available in four colors; Black, Navy, Moss, and Ivory. You can get them at Apple, Amazon, and Best Buy.


The Powerbeats Pro earbuds are a great balance between design, comfort, and sound. Those are close all the things you want in truly wireless earbuds. As expected with Beats products, you get Beats pricing. If you choose to go that route, you won’t be disappointed.

Powerbeats Pro True Wireless Earbuds


Design and Build











  • Fit is comfortable.
  • Sound is balanced. Great for gym.
  • Has volume controls on both earbuds.
  • Battery life is good.


  • Charges via lightning port instead of USB-C
  • Carrying case isn't always pocketable.
  • Price might be too high for some.