Peak Design Everyday Sling 10L V2 Review – A Great “Everyday Bag”

Using my camera isn’t something I often do. I’ve gotten used to carrying phones for the easy, quick shot. However, when I do decide to take my camera and a couple of lenses, along with some other gadgets, I’ve used the 10L Everyday Sling from Peak Design.

As I said, I am not a professional photographer, but I do carry a lot of mobile tech, and Peak Design’s photographer bags are useful. So how does the 10L Everyday Sling backpack work for every day casual use?

Everyday Sling 10L V2 Design

When you see the sling backpack, you can tell it’s from Peak Design but a little more refined yet still modern. It’s important to note that the outer fabric is 100% recycled material. The material feels sturdy, not too stretchy or flexible. The outside of the bag is very simple and clean. Besides the main weatherproof zipper at the top, you have an outer pocket in the front of the bag. It’s just a single pocket, no dividers, or slots.

Once you open the main pocket, you have a 13″ laptop sleeve with a magnetic clasp. The center of the main pocket has two Flexfold dividers. These can serve as just dividers or lens holders. Towards the front of the main pocket is a small zippered pocket, with four slots for smaller items like memory cards and thumb drives. The material of that pocket is stretchy, allowing you to fit dongles and similar smaller items.

Although the 10L Sling may look simple, it’s very smart in the design. It has different ways to carry things and to wear the bag itself. There are six rings at the corners of the bag. It allows you to clip on the 2 Cord Hook external carry straps in any way you need them. Whether for a sweater, tripod, or small mat, these straps can help carry something externally.

The back of the bag has a handle that allows you to slide onto your carryon when traveling. The crossbody strap is padded and thick, which is always helpful. For women, the swivel strap can be especially helpful when wearing the Sling 10L on your back, which in turn puts the weight of the bag on your shoulders, with the strap going across your chest. The swivel ends of the strap are one of my favorite features of Peak Design. The strap is steady and keeps the bag in place so there is not a lot of shifting unless you need to. It adjusts with movement (arms swinging). It allows for long term wear with minimal discomfort. The material at the bottom of the bag is waterproof, while the rest of the Sling is water-resistant.

Experience With the Sling V2

I used it as just a gadget bag, as I had a mix of different things, not just camera equipment. I was able to fit the items below and there was room for a bit more.

  • iPad Pro 11-inch
  • Sony A6300 camera (body)
  • 50mm lens
  • 35mm lens
  • small cardholder/wallet
  • three smartphones
  • two SD cards
  • USB-C dongle
  • Airpods Pro earbuds
  • Portable battery charger
  • Keys

You can designate it as a camera bag, a small travel bag, or an everyday use bag. I chose to keep the main pocket divided into three sections to allow me to fit more things. On days when I wasn’t carrying my camera, I used two sections to stuff all types of miscellaneous items in there. As an everyday bag it works, great for that alone. The Sling V2 is pretty comfortable thanks to the hinges on the strap. Was pleasantly surprised by that!


I am a huge fan of Peak Design’s style. While the price is up there for a “simple camera bag” ($150), you get lots of functional organization in a clean form factor. We know it’s meant to be used as a serious camera bag, but it does amazingly as an everyday bag for a mirrorless camera and other small gadgets.

If you’re a fan of the style and versatility of the original lineup of Everyday bags, V2 of the Everyday Sling won’t disappoint. Great quality, clean design, large enough for everything you need, small enough to not be a burden. With the Everyday Sling 10L bag, Peak Design has another winner!