Klipsch T5 II ANC True Wireless Earbuds Review

We’ve reviewed many different types of truly wireless earbuds. The Klipsch t5 II ANC true wireless earbuds stand out a bit more than other earbuds due to their design and price.


Like every other pair of truly wireless earbuds, the Klipsch T5 II charge in their carrying case. This case however is different. You can see the premium finish from the outside. It’s built like a lighter for easy one-handed use. You can flick it open with your thumb. The case has weight to it, and a rubber bottom allowing it to stand. The earbuds are a bit heavy. They don’t have a wing or stems to lock into place on your ear. The earbuds have a physical button (not gesture-based). Klipsch provides six ear tips to help get the perfect seal.

There are a few finishes available for the T5 II ANC earbuds and case. Mine is very fancy-looking gunmetal. These are definitely earbuds to stunt with. They look gorgeous!

Sound and Experience

This is my first experience with Klipsch headphones. I honestly didn’t know what to expect with the premium build and pricing. The Klipsch T5 II ANC earbuds sound great for their size. I do wish they were a little louder. You can mess around with sound on and the EQ on the Klipsch Connect App. Even if the volume is lower than I’d like, the ANC is so great. Taking the train in New York City, you have to block out a lot more than train traffic noise. There’s a lot of control over ANC within the app. You can also go into transparency mode, which allows you to hear some of the outside ambiances while listening to music.

Now that I’ve been working remotely, I take more calls with the earbuds on. The other party heard me clearly most of the time. Sometimes the background noise when outside was a bit much. Otherwise no complaints with the calls.

Battery Life is short as expected with Active noise cancellation. Luckily I’ve never had to use the earbuds for over a couple of hours continuously. But in the case, you do want to use these earbuds with ANC on, you won’t get more than three hours of battery life.

Klipsch Connect App

I paired the T5 II ANC directly to my iPhone 13 Pro via Bluetooth which wasn’t too difficult. Once you pair the earbuds with the app, you can do your basic functions. You can fix the EQ to your liking, change what the button on the left earbud does. You can change the command for single, double, and triple presses. You can control the level of ANC and turn on some helpful sidekicks, like activating ANC when you are listening to music.

But you can also set up Bragi moves. Bragi moves are the movements you can do with the earbuds on for commands such as answering and declining calls, changing tracks


These are great earbuds. They live up to the Klipsch reputation of sturdy design and great audio quality. The price of $199 is definitely not for everyone. There are so many earbuds under $200 and even $100 that get the job done without the fancy carrying case and command features. I’d recommend these if they were on sale. Even the non-ANC version of the Klipsch T5 II is more affordable. If you need loud, blow-your-eardrums-away sound, these may not fit the bill. I’d recommend these for those who enjoy true, natural sound.