Necomimi Cat Ears – Detect and Express Emotion [Comic Con]

I’m sure you saw these all over Comic Con (New York)this past weekend. They aren’t just stationary cat ears. These are the Necomimi ears from NeuroSky.

Necomimi brainwave cat ears actually debuted at San Diego Comic Con this past July. They are really a type of of mood detector. The concept that was born in Japan skyrocketed within anime and costume communities (no surprise it was a hit at Comic Con).

So what exactly is it? Necomimi is a headband with cat ears that move along with the user’s feelings and emotions in real time. You can express yourself in a unique way with the Necomimi. There are three emotional states that cause cat-like reactions. It shows how stressed or relaxed the person wearing the Necomimi cat ears is.

When something catches the user’s attention, the ears shoot straight up. When the person is relaxed, the ears droop down. When both highly focused and highly relaxed –or “in the zone” — the ears will wiggle back and forth attentively.

Necomimi was big at New York Comic Con. I saw many ears wiggling back and forth. It takes the cat costume up a notch. As a cat owner; these things look like they work very closely to cat ears. How many of you tried these out at Comic Con? I think these serve well as a low key cat costume for Halloween (it’s right around the corner).

Price: $99.95