Samsung Galaxy Note II NYC Event

I will tell you one thing Samsung sure knows how to throw a party, Smoke machines, flashing lights, DJ, I felt like I was in a music video.

With the success of the Galaxy Note selling 10 million units why wouldn’t they go all out for the Galaxy Note II. They talked about the success they have and are still having with the Galaxy S3.

A couple high profile guest stopped by like Jersey Shores Pauly D and a performance from Kanye West.

Everyone at the event was able to have a hands on experience with the Galaxy Note II and the Galaxy Camera. I was able to print out a shirt I made using the S Note app on the Galaxy Note II.

I did pick up my Galaxy Note II (Sprint Version) and will have a review for it soon. I did enjoy myself last night, the phones are available today. Let’s see if the Galaxy Note II can beat or match the success of the original Galaxy Note.