5 Battery Backup Cases To Keep Your Phone Charged On the Go

If you're looking for a battery backup case for your Samsung Galaxy S 4 or your iPhone 5 / 5S, I've rounded up a few of the best ones. Take a look.

Many of us have an iPhone 5 / 5S or a Samsung Galaxy S 4. With the many functions of these phones, it’s easy to drain the battery. If you prefer to strap a battery backup case to your phone instead of a battery pack, we have a list of great cases for 5 charging cases to keep you powered up on the go.

Tylt Energi Charging Case

TYLT Energi Power Case Samsung Galaxy S 4 Battery Backup Case

If you’re looking for a battery charging case that won’t add to much bulk to your iPhone or Galaxy S 4, the Tylt Energi Sliding Power Case is a great choice. This 2-part case has both a slim case and the battery charging case. With a 2,500 mAh battery, your phone will stay powered on throughout the day. When you don’t want the case, just slide the protective case out of the battery case, and you’re good to go.


PRICE: $99.99


BUY IT: Tylt Energi Sliding Case for iPhone 5 / 5S and Samsung Galaxy S 4





[divider] [/divider] Incipio offGRID Power Case


Incipio OffGrid Backup Battery Case - Portable Battery

Usually iPhones get all the love when it comes to battery charging cases, but in the last year some Android phones have been getting the love too. One of the best selling phones, the Samsung Galaxy S 4 has a huge screen that drains battery pretty quickly. The offGRID backup battery case for the Galaxy S 4, can give you up to 10.5 more hours of talktime with the 3,100 mAh case.

PRICE: $89.99

BUY IT – Incipio offGRID Power Case for Samsung Galaxy S 4


Incipio OffGrid Backup Battery Case Apple iPhone 5 5S

If you’re still on the iPhone 5/5S train, Incipio didn’t leave you out. They have offGRID cases for those phones too. They have all major sizes, from 2,000 mAh battery (offGRID Express), the regular offGRID battery backup case which packs 2,600 mAh, and the offGRID Pro which has a 4,000 mAh battery backup case.

BUY IT – Incipio offGRID battery backup cases for the iPhone 5 / 5S 

PRICE: $69.99 (offGrid Express)
PRICE: $79.99 (offGRID)
PRICE: $99.99 (offGRID Pro)


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Mophie Juice Pack for Samsung Galaxy S 4

Mophie Juice Pack Battery Backup Case Samsung Galaxy S 4 Pink



 The Mophie Juice Pack is easily one of Mophie’s most popular products. That’s no coincidence. This is a very durable battery backup case. Mophie has a case for the Samsung Galaxy S 4 as well. It comes in 4 colors too (usually they come in only black or white). The Mophie Juice Pack has a 2,300 mAh to keep you powered. The juice pack was designed with ease of use in mind. A standby switch lets you charge your phone only when you need it. Recharge both devices simultaneously by connecting your juice pack and phone to any USB wall plug. Connect to a computer to charge, sync and download photos and other files.
PRICE: $69.95


BUY IT – Mophie Juice Pack for Samsung Galaxy S 4


Mophie Juice Pack for iPhone 5 / 5S

Mophie Juice Pack Helium Battery Backup Case Purple




Of course the iPhone isn’t left behind. Mophie has Juice Pack Helium, which is a lightweight 1,500 mAh battery ($55.95). They also have the Juice Pack Air which has a 1,700 mAh battery ($69.95). And finally the Juice Pack Plus, which has the biggest charger of them all. The Juice Pack Plus has a 2,100 mAh battery ($83.95)


PRICE: $55.95 Juice Pack Helium
PRICE: $69.95 Juice Pack Air
PRICE: $83.95 Juice Pack Plus




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myCharge Freedom 2000 for the iPhone

myCharge Freedom 2000 backup battery case for Apple iPhone 5  5S



The Freedom 2000 keeps your iPhone 5 charged and protected. Twice as much battery life means twice as much emailing, texting, posting pictures, and playing games. This revolutionary, one-piece protective case easily pops on and off and features an exclusive built-in charging cable. The myCharge Freedom battery backup case has a 2,000 mAh battery. They also come in 7 colors.


PRICE: $79.99


BUY IT – myCharge Freedom 2000 for iPhone 



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Duracell Powermat PowerSnap Kit


Duracell PowerSnap Kit Backup Battery Case

This battery case does double duty (if you have the Duracell Powermat. The PowerSnap Kit snaps on to give you double battery life. Also if you have the Duracell Powermat (which I recommend getting), you can charge both the battery and your phone wirelessly.


PRICE: $99.99
BUY IT – Duracell Powermat PowerSnap™ Kit 

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