Native Union adds Pop to your Mobile with Pop Desk [Review]

We love gadgets here and personally anything that helps me be more productive and still manages to be a little creative always gets my attention. Enter the Pop Desk – one of those gadgets you don’t know you need until you try it.

What’s a Pop Desk?

I’m glad you asked. Pop Desk is a gadget that turns your cellphone into a corded desktop phone. Yay I know. You may be familiar with the Pop Phone that was popular awhile ago – people walking around with a big handset attached to their mobile handsets, well the Pop Desk adds an aluminum looking desktop holder giving you a landline type experience.


As stated before the stand appears to be aluminum matches nicely on my desk with my MacBook Pro. Where you would place the phone is an anti-slip rubberized pad to hold your phone in place as you field calls, charge or sync your phone. The handset is the same rubberized material and attaches to the stand through an audio port located in front of the stand. The coated cord is then connected via an L-shaped plug to your mobile phone. The handset is also detachable allowing you the freedom and versatility to move around.

Features and Specs

  • Retro handset that connects to your mobile phone, smartphone, tablet or computer using a 3.5mm jack *
  • Eliminates up to 99% of absorbed radiation compared to using a mobile phone
  • Noise reduction technology for improved audio clarity
  • Allows you to navigate your device while talking
  • Perfect for VoIP applications
  • One button pick-up and hang-up functionality

Is the Pop Desk Poppin’

Like I stated previously the Pop Desk is definitely something you don’t know you need until you try it. I found callers heard me fine nothing much different than when I use my iPhone 5S alone. I did appreciate that I could hear my callers louder and clearer with the handset attached. I found the Pop Desk most helpful while working at my desk and handling calls and Skypes, so it popped for me just fine. I appreciate that it allows me to charge and sync as necessary without having to readjust my phone or add anything to it. The one downside I found is that with a case on my iPhone it kept slipping but without it stayed put on the rubberized pad. It is currently available on the site for 49.99 – considering the price of the handset alone it seems fair.