The Aero Backpack from STM Bags Review – Small Yet Spacious

Aero Backpack Review - STM Bags
Always on the lookout for the right bag for the occasion. It's no different with gear bags. Check out what we thought about the Aero backpack from STM Bags.

My world is a gadget world. I am constantly using gadgets to get through the day. Not only am I using them but I’m constantly swapping them out and lugging them around. From going to the office back and forth to tech showcases, you realize the things that you need in a bag and when.

In my quest for the perfect bag, I am trying different sizes and shapes; a little bit of everything. Today we take on the Aero backpack from STM Bags.

Let’s start with why I chose a backpack. Using a messenger bag is fine, but when you have to carry a lot of devices and start walking from place to place,  your shoulder (mine at least) starts to hurt from the all the weight being on one side. As I’ve had to add more things into my bag, the pain was intolerable.

STM Bags - Aero backpack review - Cruz - Grey

Now that really have that out of the way. I don’t mind carrying a gadget bag and a small handbag. Just call me the bag lady. The Aero is small, but STM Bags states that it can for most 13″ laptops. Perfect for me because my biggest laptop is precisely 13 inches.

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Design and Build of the STM Aero Bag

Let’s start with the outer part of the STM Aero. When you look at the bag you notice the simplicity of the build. Looks like a normal backpack. There’s a single front zippered pocket.   That’s great because I have things I need to reach easily and quickly. Tahe water resistant material looks nice and slick. Inside the front pocket you have slots to keep your small items organized. Aero took a bit of safety precaution and put a reflective strip parallel to the zipper.

    Aero Backpack Review - STM Bags - Front View - Open- Cruz - TWL   Aero Backpack Review - STM Bags - Cruz - Front Pocket

On both sides of the bag there are elastic pockets. They can fit small items such as umbrellas, small towel, or medium sized water bottles. The usual.

On the backside of the Aero backpack you see the cushioned back which is also made of breathable materials (3D mesh cushioning). It is veryyyy cushioned and comfy. The shoulder straps are curved which is not a problem for me, but it might be for some ladies (I highly doubt it though). A great thing about the Aero bag is that the sternum strap is adjustable. It’s a great thing for ladies. There’s also a pass-through strap on the back to place over your luggage (through the handle of it) when traveling.

  Aero Backpack Review - STM Bags - Cruz - TWL  - Back - Cushion - Straps (6) Aero Backpack Review - STM Bags - Cruz - TWL  - Back - Cushion - Straps

Inside the Aero Backpack

The inside of the Aero bag is where the real beauty lies. The front flap if you fold it outward you will see another zippered compartment. In front of the zippered pocket are organizational slots. Some are thin enough for a stylus or pen. And the other slot is bigger. You can fit a backup battery.

Aero Backpack Review - STM Bags - Cruz - TWL (3)

When you get to the main storage, the rear slot (the biggest one) is big enough to fit most 13 inch laptops. I was able to fit my Microsoft Surface Pro 3 (with the type cover keyboard) or my 11 inch MacBook Air with ease. There’s a smaller slot in front of it for a tablet. And as expected, my 10 inch tablet fit with ease alongside my laptop. There are two more slots in front of the tablet slot.

   Aero Backpack Review - STM Bags - Top View -    Aero Backpack Review - STM Bags - Cruz - TWL (9)   Aero Backpack Review - STM Bags - Cruz - TWL (2)   Aero Backpack Review - STM Bags - Cruz - TWL (10)

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Now that I’ve described the bag to you, alongside with the pictures you should have an idea how everything fits. The Aero backpack is geared to carry just your main devices, a few small gadgets and maybe a couple of trinkets.

Aero Backpack Review - STM Bags - Inside Top View - 1

I usually just carry a huge purse. With the amounts of gadgets and lip gloss I have it became a jungle. I haven’t stopped using my purse completely (it’s a hard habit to get rid of), but I definitely have been using the Aero a lot more with a small handbag (to keep my girlish needs happy).

The great thing about wearing a backpack (any backpack) is that the weight is distributed evenly. But what makes the Aero backpack better is that is has cushioning and an adjustable sternum clip to help balance the weight more efficiently.

Even if you do put a laptop, tablet, battery pack, two cellphones and makeup, the Aero doesn’t look too bulky. That’s one of the things I’m looking for in an everyday gear bag.

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Is the Aero backpack for you?

As usual my post is geared toward females, so I’ll say this: The Aero backpack from STM is a great choice for ladies due to its small size and versatility. It has the same compartments as most purses, just in bookbag form. I highly recommend it. If you’re looking for a gear / gadget bag that is easy to travel with, the Aero bag is a top choice.

Aero Backpack Review - STM Bags

STM Bags Aero backpack is available in 3 colors: black, grey, and berry. You can find more information on the Aero bag on the official website HERE. It will run you $79.99 on Amazon.

STM Bags - Aero backpack review - Cruz - Berry    STM Bags - Aero backpack review - Cruz  STM Bags - Aero backpack review - Cruz - Grey