Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Which Shopper Are You? #ODOMXBlackFriday

What type of shopper are you? Do you shop on Black Friday or Cyber Monday? This infographic from Office Depot can help you decide what type of shopper you are.

We’re here to give you ideas on what to shop for this holiday season. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up, some are debating on whether to ditch the Thanksgiving feast early and go stand online, or whether to wait for Cyber Monday and get great deals from their (home) office.

When I was younger I was more of a shopper. I did enjoy spending hours shopping and things like that, but Cyber Monday wasn’t around the way it is now. With the apps, alerts and easy access to information, Cyber Monday seemed like a no brainer to me. Check out the infographic below and find out what shopper you are.



ODOM Infographic 1


Hows it going so far? Does it look like you’re a Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Keep going. ODOM Infographic 2


From my past experiences, the biggest wins on Black Friday are tech purchases. Gadgets are usually the most expensive, so you would want to knock that off your list first. Whether you’re a Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopper, these are some of the rules I go by for shopping during this hectic holiday weekend.

While some of you won’t see Office Depot and OfficeMax as places to shop. They have the lowest prices ever on some great tech and office products. You can check Office Depot and Office Max deals HERE.

  • Don’t Build Debt – Swiping can lead you to spend more than you should. If you pay with your debit card or in cash you are being more realistic and will be more conscious of what you’re paying,
  • Do your research on the technology you are buying – Some of the tech on sale may seem like an awesome deal, but it could be old tech, or not worth it. Make sure you read the specs and check prices in other places just to compare and see what kind of “deal” you’re getting.
  • Make a list – The list helps you remember the giftees on your list. You should also keep a list of the gifts that you’re looking for. It can help you cross out gifts or maybe take them off the list if you don’t find a deal for them.
  • Use apps – You can do the previous tasks by using apps that help you manage your finances, create to-do lists and alert you on deals.

These basic things can help keep you on track when it turns all chaotic. Keeping track will help all together. While you have some down time during your Cyber Monday shopping take a break and Elf Yourself.

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