Google+ Stories – Another Great Feature to Check Out

Google+ Stories is making your pictures and travels a lot more fun. Learn more about this feature and how to make the most of it.

In case you follow me outside of the site, you may know that I am highly active on Google+. For those who don’t know, Google + is Google’s social media network. I use it for many reasons. I discuss tech with other gadget lovers, join communities that are related to things I love (like nail art and New York City), but I also use it as a place to backup all of my photos. I use the “Photos” app from Google all the time.

Google+ Photos Features

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They have been adding features as time went on that made using the Photos app more beneficial and definitely more fun to share. Auto Awesome is one of my favorites. You can learn more about Auto Awesome here. It enhances pictures by adding falling snow, creating GIFs, choosing the best smiles of series. I love these features because it makes the best out of a bunch of photos that otherwise might just sit there.

Well Google recently added another feature that you may have noticed recently (if you’ve traveled). Since many are traveling soon (or already started traveling) it’s a great time to highlight it, or to remind you to turn on auto backup on your phones. It’s been around for a few months now, but hopefully you’ll see some of your own stories to share. Google Story shares your pictures of the entire day. This is a new feature of Google Stories.

Check out Steve Aoki’s Google+ Story here

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So what does the Google+ Story show?

In a nice chronological narrative it shows your best pictures, videos, and places you’ve visited. It shows the city names, restaurants, the hotels you stayed at, and even the hotels you flew out of. It also shows the travel maps.

Of course it does all of this privately until you are ready to share it. You can edit the story too. When it’s ready for the world to see you can share it anyway you like.

Check out the Google+ app for iOS and Android. 


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