Inmoji Launches SDK – Coming to A Messaging App Near You (#CES2015)

Inmoji launches their SDK and starts off on a very popular messaging app. Find out how Inmoji works and how it takes emojis to the next level.

CES isn’t only about new products, apps and programs are usually announced there too. One of the new apps announced was Inmoji. Inmoji allows consumers to share powered emojis called Inmojis.

So how does Inmoji work?

It works like regular emojis but with a little more power. For example, you can send someone an inmoji of a cup of coffee and it will lead them to a promotion or to a location of your favorite cafe. Right now you can find Inmoji on the TextPlus app, so it will definitely get a good run with their millions of users.

Inmoji description - analie cruz

You can send anything from movie clips, and song clips. It’s a great way for users to share content privately. Draft Kings, Drizly, Fandango, Fan Duel, Sol Republic, and Walmart are among the top tier brands already utilizing Inmoji to share in-message customized content. I see this becoming better as it gets into more popular messaging apps. (I hope it does) since it’s part of everyday conversation as to where you are, what you’re doing, buying. Check out Inmoji’s official website and part of the press release below to get more information


Inmoji Inc Main LibraryBy using Inmoji, brands are able to connect with billions of consumers in new and meaningful ways by organically integrating their content into messaging conversations. Brands use Inmoji to share content in authentic and engaging ways for new product discovery, location-based services, loyalty programs, mobile gifting, contests, games, mobile commerce and app downloads. The Inmoji platform is ultra flexible, enabling brands to create custom Inmoji campaigns that resonate with their specific audiences, increase their reach, deepen brand loyalty and capture critical insights into consumer behavior and trends.


One of the first of many brands utilizing Inmoji to share in-message customized content is Drizly, the technology company powering fast, convenient beer, wine and liquor delivery for consumers and businesses across the U.S. Drizly founder and CEO Nick Rellas said: “Drizly makes alcohol delivery possible on consumer’s terms quickly, conveniently and most importantly, legally. Partnering with Inmoji is a great example of how we are powering e-commerce opportunities in new and unique ways to shorten the distance between the retailer and the consumer.”

CEO and co-founder Michael Africk said: “With Inmoji everyone wins; end-users get a better, media-rich, messaging experience, brands strengthen their connections with consumers and gain deeper insights into behaviors and trends, and app developers are presented with new, significant revenue opportunities. Billions of consumers connect over messaging apps worldwide and Inmoji is well positioned to enable a new generation of monetized messaging.”

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