Last Minute Sales from Anker Innovations for Valentine’s Day

Anker - Eufy - Zolo Liberty - Valentine's Day
Anker is having a sale on some of their products for Valentine's Day. Check out what's up for grabs and where you can learn more about them.

I am one waiting for holiday sales to buy things I need or want. Anker Innovations, which is super popular has a lot of cool brands under its name. They have a few sales for Valentine’s Day, and while I’m all for gifts for your significant other, this is a great deal on some smarthome light bulbs and truly wireless earbuds.


Zolo Liberty+ Truly Wireless Earbuds



I demoed the headphones for a bit at CES 2018 and they sounded pretty good. If you’re into the truly wireless earbud craze, you will enjoy the sound in these.  They promise 3.5 hours of playtime and you can charge it for up to 48 ours of use with the charging case. They also have Blutooth 5.0
What You Get: Liberty+ Total-Wireless Earphones, Liberty+ Charging Case, 4 x GripFit Jackets, 3 x EarTips and Micro-USB Cable.

Price is usually 149.99, but with ZOLOLOVE, it goes down to $119.99

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Zolo Liberty Truly Wireless Earbuds

If you don’t mind being one gen behind, you can get the original Zolo Liberty Earbuds. These have a slightly smaller driver than the Liberty+ and work on Bluetooth 4.2. They offer the same amount of battery life and charges from the carrying case.

Price is usually 99.99, but with LOVEZOLO, it goes down to $179.99

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Eufy LED Smart Bulbs

Eufy LED Smart Bulb

There are a few versions of the Eufy smart bulbs. Like with many smartbulbs you can change the color, or tune the whites. You can also control it with smart assistants, like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.  No hub is required, which probably my favorite feature. There is color version and one that is white and colors. Check them out below. You can save anywhere from 16% to 38% with the Amazon sale they have going on now. The discounted price is automatically there when you click on the links below.

Eufy LED Smart Bulb – Tunable White
Eufy LED Smart Bulb – Colors
Down to $29.99 from $35.99



Eufy Smart Speaker

Eufy Smart Speaker


The Eufy Smart Speaker is a small and affordable speaker, that works the same way many smart speakers work. It uses Amazon Alexa smart assistant. You can use it to stream music, get news, weather, and to control your smart home. It works with the Eufy Smart Home app.



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