Introducing the Muse 2 – Meditation Headband

Muse 2 - airpods
Think you're great at meditation? Want to know how good you're doing or how you can improve? You may want to check out the Muse 2. Details...

A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to test out a different type of gadget, the Muse headband. It was a pre-production model of the version that is being announced today, the Muse 2.

What is the Muse 2?

Muse 2 headband

The Muse 2 is a personal meditation assistant that takes the guesswork out of meditation with its ability to provide a whole new range of real-time feedback on your meditation practice, including body movement, heart rate, breath and mental activity. Through three new rich feedback options and with biosignal, inertial and PPG sensors, Muse provides a robust foundation to support both beginner and intermediate meditators on their journey. With the Muse 2, you can learn to focus on meditation and keep track of your progress. Just like with the original Muse, the Muse 2 gives you real-time feedback on what’s going on while you meditate.

While you sit in your favorite meditation position, you’ll be guided with the sound of gentle wind chimes as you adjust into a balanced position. Imagine sitting in the middle of giant a windchime and you are the pendulum in the center, swaying in the wind. As you adjust your posture or sway, the chimes will bring your attention to your movement shifts, building your awareness of your posture and movements.

Muse 2 - app

Muse 2 measures your performance by taking note of various factors besides the brain. It takes measurements of your breath, heart, and body.

1. Mind: Brain state (EEG) feedback.
2. Body: Movement data collected to give users a stillness-based practice.
3. Heart: Heart rate, interoception, and the relationship of heart physiology to meditation
4. Breath: Coherence (combination) of your heartbeat, body movements, and breathing.

Muse works along with an app to help keep track of your progress. It keeps charts, graphs, and journal entries. I found the app to be pretty helpful in guiding me to meditation. It was a bit awkward meditating at the event, in an open space, with other people. We used over-ear headphones to block out the noise. For a person who barely meditates, I did enjoy the feedback and feel that I would be meditating more if I knew I was doing right and had the chance to do it better. It’s almost like having a meditation coach, without the embarrassment.

Muse 2

With the free Muse® app, you can tailor your meditation to suit your needs. Select an immersive soundscape – an auditory environment that provides subtle guidance as you learn to sit, breath, focus, and feel your own body. With the Muse® app, you can measure your progress, review your data and unlock milestone achievements. The Muse 2 is meant for everyone who meditates, beginners or experts. With the insights gained from the app, you can learn your strengths and weaknesses in other types of meditation.

Muse 2

I hope to get you a more in-depth review soon. The Muse 2 will run you $250. You can learn more at