Kidz Gear Wired Headphones For Kids [Review]

We here at TechWeLike were given a pair of Kidz Gear headphones to review. At first glance, I thought the bright orange and white color was cute and vibrant. My daughter owns a pair of their original headphones in a grey color. So the color was definitely refreshing to look at.

headphone What I have always liked about the Kidz Gear headphones was the volume control. Who want music blaring out of a child’s ear leaving them likely to go deaf? I know I wouldn’t want that for my child. Kidz Gear headphones have a Kidz control volume limit technology along with a built in volume control knob. If you use the headphones alone at max volume they can be pretty loud especially for a little one’s ear. If you use the knob to turn down the headphones they would be fine. But lets face it, kids love to play with anything they can get their hands on. With that being said, the volume control knob may be enticing for a 2 or 3 year old wanting to explore. So I would recommend using the volume limit cable that comes with the headphones. I noticed in using the cable and turning the volume to the max level, it was perfect! Kidz Gear boast about having “Grown-Up Performance, Built For Kids”. I must say after testing the sound quality of the headphone and listening to it’s crisp and clear sound, I would have to agree with them.

Another feature I adore about these headphones are it’s padding. With the headphones being marketed towards children as early as 2 years old and knowing little ears are sensitive, it would be important to assure their comfort. I love the fact that they created soft padding on the headphones to confirm that safety measure.

Although I was given the orange and white pair of headphones to review, I would like to also make mention the other variety of colors these headphones are available in . They can be purchased in pink, green, blue and purple. All the models have white mixed in them. The price point is $19.99. I don’t think that’s bad for the quality you are receiving. You can also purchase a cute little carry bag to protect your child’s headphone set.

You can also purchase a splitter cable which can be used to hook up two headphones to one audio source. Overall I love these headphones and I would definitely purchase them for my daughter or any other family member with kids!