Case-Mate Brilliance Case for iPhone 5 / 5S – Review

Case-Mate Brilliance Case Review - Tech We Like - Cruz
If you're looking for a case that makes your iPhone sparkle, take a look at the Brilliance case by Case-Mate.

We take cases seriously, almost as seriously as we take our phones. Cases can give your phone the “new” feeling or any other type of feel you’re looking for. Whether it’s an “everyday look”, sporty, or plain protection from everyday elements, there are different cases for the job.


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I credit Case-Mate with being the go-to manufacturer for girly and elegant cases. I recently received the Brilliance case from Case-Mate for the iPhone 5 / 5S and I believe it’s their most glam, diva case yet. The case I received was the (Champagne) Gold color, which seems to be the most popular shade of gold in late 2013 and 2014. It’s available in champagne (silver) and black as well.



At first look the case screams glam. You can see the glittery studs a mile away. A step up from Case-Mate’s Glam case, the Brilliance case has crystal studs placed nicely with a leather strip on the bottom. It’s similar to a classy “bedazzled” look. It’s very eye-catching and a show-stopper. Everyone wants to know where you got the case from. TRUST me!

Case-Mate Brilliance Case Review for Apple iPhone 5-5S - Rear View 1 -Tech We Like   Case-Mate Brilliance Case Review for Apple iPhone 5-5S - Rear View -Tech We Like


Design and Build

While this is a stylish case, the Case-Mate Brilliance does have a quality build to it. No worries about the studs falling out or getting glitter all over your clothing. The Brilliance case has a glossy finish that doesn’t dull the sparkles but keeps your studs in place.

Case-Mate Brilliance Case Review for Apple iPhone 5-5S - Break apart - Tech We Like

The case is has two parts to it, the frame and the backing. The Brilliance case has a pretty good build. The frame doesn’t get in the way of most headphones and lightning cables. I dropped my phone once where it came apart a bit, but for the most part the two parts stayed in tact. It’s one of the risks you take when using a phone that is more fashionable than it is protective.


Pricing and Availability

The Case-Mate Brilliance case will cost you a pretty penny at $80. In Case-Mate’s defense it’s has a great design that will keep the studs in place and keep your iPhone looking fab. But if you’re a person that drops your phone often, this may not be the case for you. The frame can only take so many falls before it loosens up or cracks completely.

BUY IT!  $80 

Case-Mate Brilliance Case Review - Tech We Like - Cruz