Quirky Pivot Power Pop (Strip) Review

In our search of gadgets and accessories, we've come across the Quirky Pivot Power Pop strip. There are many options to this simple device.

If you haven’t heard of Quirky Inc, it’s a company that helps inventors with their ideas. The inventors submit their ideas and Quirky uses the help of the public from deciding which ideas are worthy all the way down to design and appearance.

With my growing number of gadgets I quickly came to realize how little outlets I have in my apartment. I also started to realize how all adaptors don’t get along. It was starting to happen a bit more frequently.

When Quirky sent over their Quirky Pivot Power Pop Strip to review I was actually most excited that it was available in different colors. I know power strips aren’t the gadget you have in mind as the latest and most trendy, but it’s one of the items we use the most alongside all of our gadgets. So this isn’t a review of power strips since it’s fairly obvious, just some insight to the build and mechanism of the Quirky Pivot Power Pop.

Quirky Pivot Power POP - round

Pivot Power Design

As you can see from the pictures, the Pivot Power Pop has six outlets. The strip pivots in 3 parts which is every 2 outlets. The outlets have enough space around them and between them to allow you to connect multiple clunky / large adaptors without them getting in each others way.



The cord is 4 feet long, which I find awesome since usually the cord is short –too short. The Pivot Power Strip is very sturdy. So for the amount you pay you do get a quality build product. What I failed to realize is that there are different variations of the Quirky Pivot Power. There is one with just 4 outlets which has 2 “smart” outlets that you can control with an app. There’s also a surge protector version of this. Make sure to do your research on the on the type of power strip you need.

While you can of course travel with the Pivot Power Pro, it is indeed a bit heavy and not so travel friendly.


Pricing and Availability

“Pop” is in reference to the new bright colors they added to the original black and white option. You can get the Pivot Power Pop on Quirky’s site. It’s available in 5 colors (white, pink, teal, green, black)

Price: $19.99
BUY IT on Quirky or Amazon.com